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Let us guess. You’ve been following a lot of “best practice” marketing advice to keep your website ranking on Google and suddenly you’ve noticed a downward trend?

We get it. Being on page one of Google is like the holy grail of search engine marketing. But if you don’t do it properly it can lead to disaster. Whether you were deliberately trying to game the system, or you simply made a mistake, Google’s wrath is swift and severe.

But all is not lost. Impressive provides an expert Google penalty recovery service. We’ll devise a plan of attack that removes your penalty and turns your traffic around.

How Our Google Penalty Recovery Services

Will Save Your Website From Bad Impression?

The World Wide Web is a huge ecosystem with a lot of websites vying for the covetous position on the first page of search engine results. Sometimes, intentional or unintentional SEO activities can lead to breaking the rules set by the search engines. These activities can put your website in a bad light for the search engine bots that are constantly filtering good and bad websites. Any website that fails to follow the guidelines and rules is penalized.

An experienced SEO company can help you improvise your website rankings and save yourself from getting penalized. In case, you are already penalized by search engines, the SEO specialist of a Google Penalty Recovery Company can help you identify the factors that led to a penalty and then take the necessary countermeasures to initiate the recovery process.

Google Panda Penalty Recovery

If you have irrelevant or duplicate content on your website then you are most likely to be penalized. You should have sufficient relevant information with good descriptions on your website for Panda to place you in search rankings.

We conduct recovery starting with keyword research and then creating web pages where keyword stuffing is not the priority but quality and useful content for users is more important. These pages are the ones that Google Panda will want to rank higher.

Our Panda Penalty Recovery Process

  • Remove Duplicate Content
  • Perform Thorough Keyword Research
  • Generate Quality Content
  • Optimize Each Page Effectively
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If it wasn’t important, we wouldn’t suggest it. Google Penalty Recovery is undoubtedly important for your online business and positive online presence.

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